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    Windows is the most popular Operating System known to date, and there are many predators out there waiting for you to not update your system.  Even though you have the anti-virus software installed, your computer system is still at risk. Some main risks are:

    • Malware Attacks also known as:

      • Virus attaches itself to an executable file such as the boot sector. This is a file that allows your computer system to boot or start the operating system such as Windows. If this particular file with a virus attached is opened, then your computer would not boot.
      • Worm, on the other hand, transmits on a network and infects your computer and hardware without your help.

    Knowingly, these security issues would arise, Microsoft installed a component on your Windows computer system called Windows Update. The easiest way to utilize this tool to update your computer is to Click Start, All Programs, and Windows Update. Within Windows Update, you have the option for your system to update automatically, check for new updates, and view installed updates. Updating your system gives great benefits such as:

    • Saves Money
    • Enhance Windows Features
    • Correct any Problems
    • Heightens Computer Security

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