• How to Build a Website Using HTML

    How to build a Website Using HTML

    Now, there is a growing fashion among public to build their own blogging stages such as blogger or WordPress, to create website quickly. They do this without having much information about HTML Design.

    It is a good thing, that they are now up to creativity, but they should be having the knowledge what is ground. And how to build a good HTML website, without taking help from these platforms.

    Now let us start with the method of creating your very own Hyper Text Markup Language. It does not require much of hard work, after understanding the basics you will be able to do it, HTML Design.

    Creating a new HTML document

    The very first step to do is, creating a fresh HTML document, which is going to be your web page. You can do this without using some high-tech software’s. basic text editors such as Notepad, FrontPage or Dreamweaver will do the trick. Remember after using FrontPage or Dreamweaver switch back to code view and do not make use of visual editor. Many people use notepad, which is a free software and easy to understand, HTML Design.

    Start a fresh file and insert the below encryption.

    <! DOCTYPE html>



    The <html> box asks your internet browser to start the HTML page and the </html> explains that the page is shut down.

    There is a !DOCTYPE before, HTML Design. This is an essential need for every HTML webpage and it is a must for fresh HTML5 format. But if you are interested to use XHTML or HTML4.01, then you are required to show an unlike declaration

    Adding a heading to the HTML webpage

    Moving on, now there is a need to insert a title to the webpage. This heading will be inserted in the internet explorer, which will tell your users about your website. And this heading will also be used in the aftermath of search engine such as bing, or yahoo. If you do not have this heading, then people will not know about your website.

    You are also going to insert a title to your website, that will be seen by the website operators. Mostly these titles are the same, but you can also use it differently because of your different structure, HTML Design.

    Along with the <html> box, insert the below paragraph.


    <title> it is an amazing webpage!



    After doing this, you are now free to insert a header to the web page, to inform other about your website. And you can perform this task, after using

    dialogue. You are also allowed to use h2, h3, h4, h5 and so on tags, which are totally depending on your niche and how much significant it is,

    HTML Design.

    After accomplishing that task, you are required to do this.


    <h1>Welcome to my amazing website!! </h1>


    That <body> dialogue indicate to the internet explorer that this part is the primary section of the website and it is essential on the complete website, so that can work outstandingly.

    Adding a picture and text to the website

    The last stage is to insert text and image to welcome the visitors and tell them about your website. And also insert an image which will also give them a good impression.

    <p>Hello there! You have access to the astonishing webpage throughout the globe: Myamazingwebpage.com. We will distribute handy advice, tricks and tips with our fellow audience on how to have your dominance – just like usa.</p>

    <img src=”http://www.opendesigns.org/images/od.png” />

    The <p> ingredient in a passage, and the area, where majority of your things are going to be.

    The <img> dialogue is for a picture.

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