• 20 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

    20 ways to increase Social Media Engagement

    Social Media Engagement means different to different people; everyone has its own version of the story. But for most people, it only means to have an interactive conversation with a specific group of people.

    You can receive it, in the shape of listens, views, up votes, clicks, repins, favorite, follow, mentions, replies, retweets, tags, comments, share and likes. It is a two-way road between a brand and its people.

    If you want to increase your Social Media Engagement, we are going to list 20 ways.


    1. Telling Stories.

    It is an ancient way to engage people with you and it is always proved to be effective. Upload different narratives and ask people about it, share images or texts and ask them to tag their friend. Your story will not matter, unless they are appealing emotionally.

    2. Using hashtags

    These started from twitter but now they are all over social media. These make your content easy to find and search for, people who are interested, even when they are not following you. Tweets with hashtags get more Social Media Engagement, than other.

    3. Create a group board on Pinterest

    This website allows people to share common interest with people, by creating groups with one theme and you can also add others to your group. A combined effort on Pinterest will engage more people to your board

    4. Using Google+ feature

    You can make use of Google+ features to connect to people, by starting a video chat. There you can create your own circle or join one, which serves the same purpose as you.

    5. Show casing your employees and fans

    People love to hear about themselves on social media. Start a fashion of fan of the day or week. This way you can earn their loyalties. You can also share your employee’s funny moments to grab others eyes, Social Media Engagement.

    6. Repost Viral Content

    Reposting viral content on your page, will give a huge boost to your page. You can use someone else hard work or achievement to build your own profile.

    7. Posting on a Friday

    According to various research and studies most of the shares, likes and comments happen on Friday. Due to weekend coming ahead, people are happier on Friday, so you can offer them something fruitful or interesting to do on a Friday.

    8. Posting at right time

    Studies show that people in a specific time of a day are more engaged on social media, than rest of the day. So, you can use that time to increase, Social Media Engagement. And you can do it via apps too.

    9. Be like Taylor Swift

    She is the queen of engagement. See his fans reaction, while she uploads something for them.

    10. Starting a Facebook group

    This is a fact that Facebook groups get more attention than Facebook pages. Because when one member of the group will post, it will automatically enter in others news feed.

    11. Being real

    Just be yourself, people can easily find out, who is behind the mask. And if you are pretending to be another person, who you are not. Then you are surely in hot water.

    12. Re-sharing evergreen content

    Re-sharing evergreen content, which relates to any situation will give a boost to your profile. That old content still has some juice in it, to boost your profile, Social Media Engagement.

    14. Answer Question

    Answer the questions, that they are asking. Answering those questions on different platforms will give you attention, and on forums such as Quora, you can be established as an expert.

    15. Ask Question

    People love to talk about themselves. Via your page ask them about their dislikes, likes or weekend plans. And respond to their questions in comment section, to boost your fan base.

    16. Starting a podcast

    Hearing voice leaves a dipper impact than reading their words. If you are good enough, people will come back to you and ask for more.

    17 .Creating interactive content

    Involve them in a quiz or game, this gets more attention than anything else. It must require some investment but at end of the day, you are getting your pay back.

    18. Create engaging video

    It is an important feature to upload videos on YouTube and Facebook. Tell them more about your brand and ask for reviews.

    19. Creating Stunning Pictures

    Visual content gets more appreciation. They should be breath taking and it should catch their easy.

    20. Create Exceptional blog content

    Post your articles on website or blog and ask people about how it is. You can also ask them to share it or leave a comment and answer it.

    21. Listen in to the conversation

    Interact with them. Answer their questions in the comment section. Use tools to monitor ongoing situation and leave your say.

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