• 10 Essential Elements of a Social Media Plan

    Elements of a social media plan

    In the technology first world, almost every person is connected to Internet for some part of the day. It is essential to have a good social media plan in order to have a healthy online presence. It will enable you to not only compete successfully with your competitors in the market. And also, increase clientele. Which is, the ultimate goal of a social media plan.


    Well, social media plan is the set of strategies you set up for a benefitting social media presence. As more and more people are connecting to social media. It is a healthy platform to promote business and attract more customers.


    Having an effective social media plan is as important as the company marketing itself. Poor social media plan will not only rank you down in contrast with your competitor. But also, decrease customers. So, here in this article, we list some basic elements for your consideration which are essential to a powerful social media plan.

    1. Research

    It is very important that you research and get to know your target market. In other words, the audience you are attracting. Try to present answers to the solutions they are looking for and are worried about. If you can answer that, customers will swarm towards you.

    2. Choosing popular social media platforms

    It is a great practice. Look for the social media platforms where people connect more and feel comfortable with. Like Facebook, twitter, and others. Some of these social media platforms as Facebook now provide space for advertisements as well. So without violating their terms and conditions, you can access the customers more easily.

    4. Prepare beforehand

    It is of primary importance that you know what type of clients you are dealing with. After you have done your research. Plan accordingly. Prepare beforehand for the advertisements or magnet or anything you want to launch in order to attract customers.

    5. Identify KPI’s

    Key Point Indicators or in other words, KPI’s are like a success measure. They are basically monitoring your progress throughout the whole business plan. They are a measure of your definition of success and your goal that you want to accomplish.

    6. Check your customers profile

    It is an effective element of social media plan. Most of the people provide their basic information on social media platforms. Along with, their interests, goals, and other things. Having a look at their profile will help you understand what type of customers they will be and what they are after.

    7. Catchy advertisements

    Of course, on a social media platform, the more attractive your advertisement is, the more it is likely to attract more people. Keep your advertisements clear and precise. You can also offer some first time bonus or discount to attract more customer attention.

    8. Serve to help

    One of the key elements which should be kept in mind, is that, your services should help the people. Make them understand how you can solve their problems. And, are there to help them. An effective social media plan highlights this objective very clearly.

    9. Great content

    Of course, content plays an important part in social media marketing. Carefully written content which matches the objective of your company is the backbone of a successful media plan.

    10. Know what your competitor’s are after

    Understanding what tools and strategies your competitors are using can be very beneficial. It will not only help you revise your own strategies. But, might hint at some new adaptations in your strategy as well.

    11. Allocate proper budget

    For a social media plan to work successfully, a proper location of resources and budget is mandatory. You need to understand that investing in this will boost your business. So, it is yet another important element to be considered.

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